Sunday, February 11th, 2018

"Ecuador and the World Orchid Congress 2017"

Doug Martin, OSGKC


Judged at the December 10th Meeting

Cymbidium hybrid

Cymbidium hybrid

from Eric Shirling

Judging Form For Monthly Meeting

The Orchid Society of Greater Kansas City was founded in 1949 for the purpose of bringing together those persons in the heart of America who were interested in the care and culture of orchids so their experience and knowledge could be shared to the benefit of all.

Its members have met each month since that time to share their interest in growing orchids. Society activities are varied and include topics of interest to growers at all levels. Members bring plants to meetings for judging and "show and tell."

Guest speakers provide ongoing education regarding orchid topics including care and culture, pest and disease control, habitat preservation, flower arranging and plant display techniques, just to name a few. The Society also hosts special events including shows, sales, auctions and tours.

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